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Mystery Art Fest

What is Mystery Art Fest?

Mystery Art is an annual exhibit and auction by local and regional artists of all levels.
Artwork is donated by the artist and their name is hidden and becomes a mystery.
Artwork is displayed in the NorthLight Gallery for 3 to 4 weeks in autumn.
At the end of the exhibit, artwork is auctioned at Mystery Art Fest Auction Night.

How does it work?

Step 1:   Artists from all over the region and beyond donate art that is 8″ x 10″ (see artist guidelines here).
Step 2:   Artwork is exhibited in the NorthLight Gallery and awards are made.
Step 3:   Throughout the exhibit we have many fun evening events (see the full calendar here).
Step 4:   During the exhibit patrons bid on artwork by silent auction using Proxy Bids (online here or on paper in the gallery).
Step 5:   On Auction Night, the gallery is open for a competitive hour of silent auction bidding.
Step 6:   If a piece meets the highest silent auction bid possible, it goes to the live auction.
Step 7:   During the live auction patrons make a bid and solve the mystery: who created their newly-purchased art?

When does all this happen?

Along with the art auction, Mystery Art encompasses a month-long series of events in the gallery. (For a complete listing of dates and deadlines, please click here.)

How do I see the artwork online and make my bid?

Click here to see ALL the 2017 Mystery Art on one page or scroll through the slideshow below to browse. (NOTE: clicking the “All Artwork” link may be very slow to load as it has over 320 images on it!)

You can make Proxy Bids online here or on paper in the gallery. Proxy bids are placed in the order they are received.

001 - Sunset and Sunflowers

001 - Sunset and Sunflowers
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Can I see the award winners from other years?

Yes! Click this link to view award winners from 2016 and 2015.