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Mystery Art Fest

What is Mystery Art Fest?

-Mystery Art is an annual exhibit and auction by local and regional artists of all levels.
-Artwork is donated by the artist and their name is hidden and becomes a mystery.
-On the first day of the exhibit, artwork is judged and awards are given.
-Artwork is then displayed in the NorthLight Gallery for 3 to 4 weeks in autumn.
-At the end of the exhibit, artwork is auctioned at Mystery Art Fest Auction Night.

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How Does It Work?
When Does All This Happen?
Who Are The Award-Winners This Year?
How Do I See The Artwork?
Can I See Award-Winners From Other Years?


How does it work?

Step 1:   Artists from all over the region and beyond donate art that is 8″ x 10″


You can also pick up registration forms and guidelines at The Kemp!

Step 2:   Artwork is exhibited in the NorthLight Gallery and awards are made.
Step 3:   Throughout the exhibit we have many fun evening events (full calendar coming soon).
Step 4:   During the exhibit patrons bid on artwork by silent auction.
Step 5:   On Auction Night, the gallery is open for a competitive hour of silent auction bidding.
Step 6:   If a piece meets the highest silent auction bid possible, it goes to the live auction.
Step 7:   During the live auction patrons make a bid and solve the mystery: who created their newly-purchased art?


When does all this happen?

Along with the art auction, Mystery Art encompasses a month-long series of events in the gallery.

Check back here for a complete listing of events for 2018!


Who are the award-winners last year?

These people won the following awards in 2017. Congratulations!

2018 Mystery Art Cover Artist

2018 Mystery Art Cover Artist
#57 “Growin’ Up Country”
Emily Fossum

2019 Home and Garden Featured Artist

2019 Home and Garden Featured Artist
#230 “Closed Heart”
Trish Jones

Best of Show

Best Of Show
#115 “Eclipse”
Glen Bacus

Best Abstract

Best Abstract
#236 “Let Your Spirit Soar”
Jerry Nabors

Best Animal

Best Animal
#076 “Siblings”
Grace Kline

Best Floral

Best Floral
#080 “Blown Away”
Patty Nabors

Best Landscape

Best Floral
#248 “Jackson Hole Wy”
Beth Prichard

Best Persona

Best Persona
#055 “Femme Fatal”
Jeffrey Sweatt

Best Sculpture

Best Sculpture
#141 “Sunrise”
Kathy Smyers

Best Still Life

Best Still Life
#250 “Red Pitcher”
Teresa Matney

Best Symbolism

Best Symbolism
#048 “Sunflower Angel”
Kristine Thueson

Judge's Choice

Judge’s Choice
#263 “Happy Mother’s Day”
Linda Addison


How do I see the artwork online?

Click here to see ALL the 2017 Mystery Art on one page or scroll through the slideshow below to browse. (NOTE: clicking the “All Artwork” link may be very slow to load as it has over 320 images on it!)

001 - Sunset and Sunflowers

001 - Sunset and Sunflowers
Picture 1 of 322


Can I see the award winners from other years?

Yes! Click this link to view award winners from 2016 and 2015.