Region 9 Distance Learning and Virtual Tours Programs

Virtual Tours

Educational Field Trips Without Leaving School

In conjunction with Region 9, KFDX, and our many talented artists, we are able to bring you artistic tours through the use of technology directly to your classroom.  Your students participate interactively via video feed: they’ll have the opportunity to listen to an expert on many different topics and also be given a chance to ask questions in real time.

Region 9 Distance Learning

Art Lessons in Your Classroom

This program provides arts education in classrooms via internet video feed: students and teachers are able to interact with the instructor in real-time, giving your students a valuable addition to their learning day. We provide instruction and supplies from working arts professionals for a high-quality educational experience for your students.

If you’re a teacher looking for more information, please visit the Region 9 website or contact Kristine Thueson at The Forum ( or 940-766-3347).