Mystery Art Fest

What is Mystery Art Fest?

  • Mystery Art is an annual exhibit and auction of works by local and regional artists of all levels.
  • Artwork is donated by the artist and their name is hidden and becomes a mystery.
  • On the first day of the exhibit artwork is judged and awards are given.
  • Artwork is then displayed in the NorthLight Gallery for 3 weeks
  • At the end of the exhibit, artwork is auctioned at Mystery Art Fest Auction Night

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How Do I See The Artwork And Make A Bid?

How Does It Work?
When Does All This Happen?
Who Are The Award-Winners This Year?

How does it work?

Step 1: Artists from all over the region and beyond donate art that is 8″ x 10″
Step 2: Artwork is exhibited in the NorthLight Gallery and awards are made.
Step 3: Throughout the exhibit we have many fun evening events (full calendar coming soon).
Step 4: During the exhibit patrons bid on artwork by silent auction.
Step 5: On Auction Night, the gallery is open for a competitive hour of silent auction bidding.
Step 6: If piece meets the highest silent auction bid possible, it goes to the live auction.
Step 7: During the live auction patrons make a bid and solve the mystery: who created their newly-purchased art?

2021 Artist Entry Forms will be available next spring.

Can I see this year’s artwork?

For 2020: The NorthLight gallery exhibit is open to the public free of charge during all Kemp Center open hours from October 3 – October 23, 2020.

• Bidding is done on the final night of Mystery Art in an intensive one-hour silent bidding session.
• Bids are made starting at $35 and go up in $25 increments ($35, $60, $85, $110, $135)
• If a piece makes the maximum bid of $135, it’s sold to that bidder.
But if someone else makes another bid of $135, the piece is moved from silent bidding and goes to our live auction event on Friday night. That means it’s possible for anyone to win it… for the right price!

For Youth Art, bidding starts at $15 and goes up in $5 increments. Youth art maximum bid is $35 and does not go to live auction. (The only Youth piece to go to live auction is the piece selected as “Best In Show” by the judges.)

All artwork can also be viewed online on our auction site HERE: Mystery Art Auction. Can’t make it to auction night? Advance bidding is available on our auction site.

When does all this happen?

Along with the art auction, Mystery Art encompasses over three weeks of FREE events in the gallery throughout October.

September 9 9:00 – 5:00 PM Last Day for Artwork Drop-off
October 1   Judging for Awards
October 2 6:30 PM First Taste Gallery Dinner
October 3   Exhibit Open to the Public
October 8 5:30 – 7:30 PM Artists’ Reception
October 15 5:30 – 7:30 PM Art On Tap: Wichita Falls Poetry Society
October 15 5:30 – 7:30 PM Art On Tap: Songwriters’ Circle

Who won this year’s awards?

Awards will be posted in the gallery before the Artists Reception on October 8. In 2020 the Judges were Karen Stamper (artist), Danny Bills (Curator of Collections, WFMA at MSU), Elizabeth Hunt Blanc (Director, Jesuit Dallas Museum).

This year’s winners are:

Best of Show Larry  Hamilton Will You Remember Me When I’m Gone
Best Abstract Sally Struck Getting Into Shape
Best Animal Shirley King Butterfly Fly Away
Best Portrait Grace Kline Gary
Best Floral Joan Noel Swanner Just Kale
Best Landscape Tom Biggs The Remnants
Best Still Life Larry  Hamilton Salt N Pepper
Best Symbolism Aurora Salazar Heart of a Bird
Youth Best In Show Ashlyn Clark Oatmeal
Youth Best Abstract Logan Davidson Elevator
Youth Best Animal Kaleigh Galliton Spring
Youth Best Portrait Sydney Staats When the Color Fades
Youth Best Floral Jude Steward Single Sunflower
Youth Best Landscape Emily McQuerry By the River
Youth Best Still Life Jude Steward The Letter
Youth Best Symbolism Tesa  Cook IMAGINE
Judge’s Choice Stevie Markhan Cinnamon the Red Panda
Judge’s Choice Ande Steward Gymnastic-Cats!
Judge’s Choice Jim Gotcher High Tide at Sunset Port Aransas Jetty
Judge’s Choice Paula Savage Poochie
2021 Mystery Art Cover Cynthia Procknow Asymmetry
2022 Home & Garden Paula Savage Poochie
First Taste Diner’s Award Cynthia Westbrook Foxy Scot