Bonnie Siebert: May 15 - August 1

Bonnie Siebert

Dividing her time between Texas and Europe, Bonnie Siebert juxtaposes the calico farms of her home with the streets of Paris, the gardens of England, and the markets of Germany to present a magic, merry world of naïve but serious hope and enchantment. United by brilliant and even sometimes shocking combinations of colors, these images seek to preserve the sensations of joy too soon forgotten and retain their richness as a permanent part of daily life. She has refused to allow reproductions of her work, for she believes that the charm of an original is maintained by its uniqueness. Her studio, home, garden, and family in a small Wet Texas town all provide outlets for the basic thrust of her life….. to create a small world after a pattern in her own mind and all variations of color, line, form, and style are allowable to make beauty tangible and intelligible. After studying art at the University of Texas and with private instructors in Texas and Mexico, Bonnie has displayed paintings in Germany and the United States and is currently exhibiting in several Texas galleries as well as traveling to major exhibitions with her work. Inspired by the Fauves and Impressionists, the work of Bonnard, Vuillard, Prendergast and Matisse, Bonnie has developed her own style of impressionism based on many years of study, hours spent absorbing the splendid paintings of these great innovators, and the happy accidents that are the results of the disciplined pursuit of the art of painting. She knows that the chances she takes with colors are justified by the shear love of the life that she leads.

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The West End Studio is on the first floor of The Kemp Center building located at 1300 Lamar, Wichita Falls, TX 76301. Call for further information: 940-766-3347 or email

The Kemp
West End Studio
May 15 - August 1