MSU Students: February 25 - April 8

Spectrum: Figure Painting in 8 colors


Get a unique insight to the learning process through classroom paintings from MSU Texas Painting Department students.

"For this series, each student completed 6 oil studies to encourage a wide range of color palettes in figurative painting.  Images were selected by each individual student to provide variety in models, poses, cropping, color harmonies, and anatomical details.  By observing the figure through the lens of art history, popular culture, and their own photography, each student found figurative subjects that brought personal challenges. 

For each, students were asked to narrow the color palette to 8 colors that best described their image.  Instead of using every color available, these 8 colors help to define the overall contrast and color space through the series.  Each selection has a separate palette along with other differences, instead of reusing the same colors throughout the series.  These 8 colors fill the top register to document their color samples.

With the paint application, each piece began with a single flat color, earthy and mid-value range.  After dried, a careful drawing is added to serve as a roadmap for the selection of 8 colors.  Colors are applied with minimal blending, to provoke a blocked-in, facetted approach.  In this way, each visible brushstroke represents a study of the interlocking surfaces that forms the human body and related subjects.  In the event that further revisions were required, a second or third layer of paint was added to bring to a strong finish."

Jason Bly
Assistant Professor
Painting and Drawing

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